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Toned Arms

Best exercise to tone your arms...

Lifting your arms to wave and going through the horror of seeing the baby flab on the arms jiggle? What a nightmare! Just spending ten minutes a day on your arms, following simple specialised work out routines targeted towards the arms alone can help you get the cuts, the sleek look and the no flab affect we all so desire!
Here are some simple and easy to do exercises to get those arms toned up in no time, help you feel healthier and make you look great!

Lift It!

One of the most basic workout exercises to tone your arms is weight lifting. In case you have never lifted dumbbells before, start small. However, a minimum of 5 lbs should do the trick! Hold the dumbbells tightly in your hands with a firm grip, slowly and gradually lift your arms up into an upwards curl position, and then ease your arms and lower them back down. This exercise is not only beneficial for the arms, but helps the pelvis as well. By lifting dumbbells and putting strain on those muscles, your arms will tone up and the muscles will build up and tighten, giving the arms that sleeker look!

The Triceps Dips

Sitting against a bench or a chair or the steps of a stair case, rest the heels of your arms on the edge of whatever you choose your back support to be. Keep your back straight, and stretch your legs out slowly in a ‘walking-while-sitting’ fashion.  Once you have assumed this position, slowly lower yourself down with the heels of your hands intact on the back support and then lift yourself back up again, in a dipping manner. This exercise is a wonder worker for toning up the triceps, but with great benefits come some pain and effort! This exercise is supposedly pain squealing! The catch though is, just ten dips can do the trick! Complete a set of tone and move on the next exercise to tone those arms up!

Jumping Jacks!

This exercise can be really fun to do! But, you must be cautious, don’t want that head to undergo any severe injuries! This rather simple exercise requires a lot of effort. Holding dumbbells firmly in both hands bring them in level to your shoulder, with the feet close together. The next step is where the fun begins! With a thrust, jump up spreading our legs further apart and lift your arms up at the same time, followed by jumping again but this time bringing the arms back to shoulder level and shutting the legs in! This exercise is an effective one in toning the arms up, as it puts the right amount of strain on your triceps and the biceps. Furthermore, it is effective as a workout for the legs too!


Push-ups happen to be an amazing workout for the arms, the shoulders and the chest all power packed in one package of an exercise! This quintessential workout gets the arms to respond fast and can help you get the arms you desire! Start off by lying down on your stomach in straight alignment to your exercise mat. Slowly, lift yourself up and place your hands on the floor in such a way that they come directly under your shoulders and are in line with the chest. Point to be noted - make sure the neck and the shoulders are relaxed! Once you’re down with that, bend your elbows, lower the chest inwards towards the floor and inhale while you do so. The next step is to switch back to the starting position but this time exhale!

Super Squats!

Squats get the blood pumping through your body and work in toning up the legs and the arms both! Here’s what u need to do. Assume a squat position, with your palms pressed against the floor right under the chest bone. Next, jump and push your legs and extend them behind the body while keeping your abs tightened the entire time. Finish up by recoiling your legs and coming back into starting position! Do these squats 10-15 days along with the other exercises to tone up the armseveryday consistently, and no morejigglers guaranteed!
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