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Workout Tips for Women


How to Squeeze Exercise in Your Routine

There are numerous exercise programs and plans that women promise themselves to follow, but often tend to lose that zeal and passion that they had in the beginning.  Before you know it, there is no exercise in the routine!

Why is it important for women to exercise?

There are so many reasons why women to exercise! For starters, exercise is imperative to a woman’s health. Exercising prevents cancer, particularly Breast Cancer. Exercising prevents one from becoming obese – a condition that has a negative impact on a woman’s fertility and ability to have a child. It allows a woman to attain peace of mind and confidence. Now that we’ve established that exercise is important for women, let’s briefly go through work out tips for women that can make exercise fit into your life!

Tip # 1 - First Things First
Set your priorities straight!  It’s important to follow an effective exercise routine! That means make a goal. First decide if you want to exercise before work or after work, before school or after?  You can aim for either 30 minutes a day or 60 minutes during which you are to exercise.

Tip # 2 - Best Exercise Tips for Women
It is advised to practice cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, jogging, jumping jacks, stair climbing or dancing. If you like, you can join a Fitness Class. A great Fitness Claim that women really enjoy is Zumba. Zumba allows one to lose weight at a fast rate and provides numerous health benefits.  Opting for ‘Interval Training’ is also advised! For instance, walk for two minutes, then run for two minutes and then go back to walking.

Tip #3 – Be Realistic
Set goals that are realistic. Don’t try to overdo an exercise if you don’t think you can. Remember, always start slowly and then gradually pick up pace in terms of exercise!

Tip # 4 – Find A Partner!
It’s good to find a partner who also wants to lose weight and stay healthy, encourage each other while exercising together. Use this to enjoy one another’s company.

Tip # 5 – Be Consistent!
Consistency is important for any effective exercise program. Don’t ever skip an exercise plan – come rain, come shine!  No exercise program in the WORLD will ever be effective or helpful if you don’t follow it consistently.

Tip # 6 - Do What Suits YOU!
It’s important to follow an exercise regime that fits your routine. If you manage to go to the gym, then well and good! If not, then just simply exercise at home. In fact, most women find this much more convenient! You don’t have to waste time going and coming back from the gym and you get to save money - a win-win combination!

You should choose those exercises that are enjoyable, like if you hate walking on a treadmill or doing cycling then go for swimming and aerobics, that’ll also burn lots of calories with enjoyment!!

Tip # 7 - Ask Yourself: When Am I Most Energetic?
Start your exercise when you are most energized. If you are a morning person then try to start your day with your workout .Working out while you have optimum energy levels gives you best results.

Tip # 8 - Find Motivation
Motivation is always good when it comes to exercising!  Perhaps you have a family wedding coming up or you simply wish to fit back into your old clothes?

Tip # 9 - Patience Is Key!
Patience counts a lot. Healthy weight loss takes time, it may be gradual but it’s worth the wait and the effort!

These work out tips for women are helpful to achieve effective weight loss. Don’t ever get depressed or upset about failed exercise plans. The point is to pick up from where you left off! It’s never too late!  Remember to eat healthy, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water to stay healthy!


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