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Toned Thighs

How to get toned thighs...!!

Wondering how to lose thigh fat? Well, for starters, you deserve a pat on the back if you’ve decided to reduce your thigh fat – because, it’s not only about getting better looking legs, it’s about a healthier, more physically fit you! Thigh fat is a very stubborn fat - indeed losing thigh fat may come across as a trying journey, but it’s worth it nonetheless!
Thigh fat can be a great source of discomfort and embarrassment for some people. It may seem difficult to get rid of this unsightly fat store, but it can be done! With a combination of the right exercises, the right attitude and a balanced diet plan, you can work your way to shapely, toned thighs in no time.

So take the initiative, follow these steps and get the shapely thighs that you have always desired:-

1. Cardio Training!

Cardio workouts get your blood pumping and are a great way to lose thigh fat. Engage in a 45 minute running, cycling or speed walking routine at least four to five times a week. Take a friend along to make your cardio workouts more enjoyable. Alternatively, a stationary bike is also a great way to lose thigh fat! Remember, persistence and dedication should be an instrumental part of your workout routine.

2. Resistance Training!

When women hear the words ‘workout with weights’, they envision themselves with bulky, manly looking legs. Ladies, adding weights to your squats, leg lifts and side lunges will give you strong, toned thighs. Yes, you will build up strong muscles, but your legs will not look manly at all! A few leg workouts a day should do the trick for lean, shapely thighs.

3. Let’s Stretch!

Never forget the importance of stretching before you dive into your intense cardio or resistance training routine. Stretching prepares your body and muscles for the physical activity that is to follow. Without stretching, you risk the danger of injuring yourself or pulling a muscle. This setback will prevent you from working out, and that period of no exercise will build up those thigh fat deposits like nobody’s business!

4. The Right Diet!

It’s not all about exercising and sweating the fat off. Eating the right foods plays a very important part in helping you to achieve your desired goal of losing thigh fat! Boycott foods that are crammed with fat such as cheesy pizzas and hamburgers. Your thighs store fat so the sooner you cross out fat and sugar rich foods from your diet, the better! Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein rich foods. Protein rich foods such as eggs, fish and beans will contribute to your ‘thigh fat loss program’ by building muscle, not fat.

5. The Right Attitude!

All of the aforementioned steps will be utterly futile if you have a negative and pessimistic attitude. It would be wonderful if we could lose thigh fat overnight, but unfortunately that is not an option. Losing thigh fat needs work, sweat and determination. You need to take each day as it comes and consider every passing day as a step closer to your goal of getting shapely, fat-free thighs!


It may seem like a lot of hard work but at the end of the day, the reward is worth it! Once you have achieved your dream thighs, do not slack off on the exercise and diet. Engaging in a cardio workout a few times a week, will not only trim any excess fat off your thighs, but will also keep your entire body in good shape.

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