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Personal Training

Are you bored, complacent, fed up training alone?  Do you need motiviating?  Encouragement?

Or training for a specific event?

My energy, motivational skills and enthusiasm ensures that my clients are always inspired and committed to fulfil their personal fitness goals.

Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight or improve general fitness, a bespoke training programme tailored to individual needs, will challenge and inspire you to success!

Bespoke Nutritional Plans
Nutrition is an important element of body change.  Fuelling your body correctly with the right foods and nutrients will help excelerate you to your health and fitness goals quicker.

I will analyse your weekly intake of food and drink and suggest a plan specific for you. My plans are designed to provide you with an abundance of whole grains to help you feel full, and a healthy amount of fresh fruits and dairy foods to meet your basic needs for calcium, protein and other essential nutrients.

Why not complete a FREE food diary?

Small Group Training

Individual training can be expensive, so why not share the expense?  Small group training is the perfect way to do this!

So, why not train with your friends and/or family?  A bit of healthy competition can make all the difference! 

These classes are catered for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.


Boot Camp or Outdoor Training

This style of training concentrates on increasing your anaerobic and aerobic fitness, works on body strength, will reduce excessive body fat which in turn will improve definition and tone of body muscles.

Individuals of all ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome!

Contact me today for a FREE introductory session!

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